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Water System Maintenance Procedure

Disruption to the flow and pressure of the water system has three general causes: biological matter, air locks and sediment. All of the potential issues arising from these causes can usually be rectified by flushing the system.

Sediment collects at the low point in the water pipe which must be flushed each visit to avoid clogging the filters and Water Heater.
Water Filter 1 is metal and quite open, it needs to be flushed until the sediment comes through which may take 3-5 minutes to clear.
Water Filter 2 is very fine and where most of the sediment is captured. If it is clogged the water pressure diminishes.
Each visit the water filters should be cleaned with hot soapy water and a toothbrush.

To remove sediment build-up the Water Tank should be flushed from the flush tap for 30 seconds each visit.

To remove airlocks in the system past the filters run the cold tap over the bath until it is clear, then the rest of the cold taps, toilets, shower and hose; then the same with the hot taps through the Water Heater.


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