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Victron BMV-700 Battery Monitor


The Victron BM-700 Battery Monitor connects to the Battery Bank via a shunt to calculate Ampere Hours and the State of Charge (SoC) of the batteries from in/out current flow.

Additionally the Victron BMV-700 connects to the Server to supply it with accurate battery data.

The Victron BMV-700 is a component of the Energy Monitoring system. It is mounted beside the Inverter in the Container.

Make: Victron Energy
Model: BMV-700
Serial number: HQ1720PHRTB, 700



Processes and Procedures

Installation Date


Maintenance Log


Contact Description E-mail Landline Cellphone
Mark Denize Maintenance and support (03) 579 9220 021 469 220
Steve McMechan Hitek systems, supplier 027 4711 771


The Victron BMV-700 Battery Monitor is a component of the Energy Monitoring System.

Associated Components


For the Battery Monitor to attain strict accuracy the Battery Bank must be at 100% full at some point. If the Battery Monitor is unplugged for any reason its readings will only be indicative until the batteries reach 100%, for instance after a long sunny day of little electricity consumption.

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