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Sewerage System Maintenance Procedure

Maintenance is conducted yearly by a certified technician from Morgan Plumbing. Every year the driplines need to be flushed and periodically this needs to be done with chlorine to remove algae and other biomatter from the driplines. In previous years the flush procedure has been conducted sporadically due to the absence of electricity to power the pump when Morgan Plumbing have visited Umukuri.

Here is the chlorine flush procedure, which should only be conducted by certified personnel. 13% Chlorine solution is used and the procedure is conducted twice.

  • Open control box enclosure on top of tank.
  • Switch off Biolytix system at the control box.
  • Take the manhole lid off the tank and partly lift the lid of pump chamber lid and pump assembly to one side.
  • Fill the pump chamber with clean water beyond the pump start level (up to higher float)
  • Pour 2 litres of 13% Liquid Pool Chlorine into the water in the pump chamber
  • While waiting to fill identify all the flush points in the disposal field.
  • Open one flush valve only, leave the remaining valves closed.
  • Re seat the pump and pump chamber lid.
  • Turn the system back on which will start the pump and allow active line to flush until clear or for 2 minutes – whichever takes the longest.
  • Close the active flush valve and repeat the procedure with all the other flush valves.
  • Re secure manhole lid and ensure system is switched back on and secure lid on control box enclosure


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