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Server Logbook

DatePerformed ByDescription
20191006 Brian Bell Installed server back in the container. Couldn't connect to it with Kath's iPad. Simon pretty sure he forgot to configure the IP address for the Umukuri network instead of his home network before he sent it down.
20190705 Robert & Simon Anderson Server not working at Umukuri so Robert sent it to Simon. Found the disk was full with “lo has eaten my IP address” errors flooding the syslogs. Disabled WiFi with “dtoverlay=pi3-disable-wifi” in /boot/config and disabled hostap, no joy. Solved the symptom by limiting the size or system logfile by setting a 1MB limit in logrotate's config and setting logrotate to cron hourly instead of daily. Uninstalled IPTables with apt to fix the root cause which is probably ipt_MASQUERADE but couldn't work out how to remove the superfluous kernel modules. Took the opportunity to install a local copy of the Umukuri Wiki on the mainpage of the server. Also added the video instruction for running the tablet.
20181226 Simon Anderson Upgrade from version 8/2018 to version 12/2018. Chose not to preserve data as inaccurate due to absence of battery monitor interface and absence of accurate time source.
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