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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Server)


The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer. Its purpose is to serve all of Umukuri's computational requirements. The Server it is mounted beside the Inverter in the Container.


Attached to the Raspberry Pi mainboard is a Rak Wireless 2287 Pi-HAT and concentrator daughterboards. The HAT provides a LoRaWAN network capability to the Server for connecting to Internet of Things sensors and actuators, and to GPS for location and time synchronisation. Instead of an SD card the server has been fitted with an ADATA SD600Q SSD disk.


The Server has the following six physical interfaces:

  • Electricity: A multibox connected directly to the Container Switchboard supplies power to the Server.
  • Generic USB: A generic USB Type-A to USB Type-B cable connects the Server to the Inverter for data collection.
  • Victron USB: A "V.E. Direct" USB cable connects the Server to the Battery Monitor for data collection.
  • UTP (Ethernet): A 30-metre length of UTP runs from the Container to the Bach to connect the Server to the Router.
  • GPS Antenna: A GPS antenna magnetically affixed to the outside of the Container connects to the Rak-2287 daughterboard via reverse SMA.
  • LoRaWAN antenna: A 915 MHz LoRaWAN antenna connects to the Rak-2287 daughterboard via reverse SMA configured for the AS-923 frequency pattern.

The server has the following virtual interfaces:


For operating system the Server is running the 4.9 release of Inverter Control Centre (ICC) from ICC Software. ICC is merely the most recent distribution of OpenEnergyMonitor with ICC's proprietary ICC application preconfigured. OpenEnergyMonitor's distribution itself is merely a derivative of the Raspbian Linux distribution.

For applications the Server is running a variety of generic application software including a LAMP stack comprising a MySQL database and Lighttpd web server, and a graphical user interface on top of X11.

The proprietary ICC application requires a hardware-locked key to operate. The Machine ID is $78945A4F The key owned by Umukuri is cQLVY1DxgJhEJCNhQmGljpWHvYK

The key for the advanced power management add-on is fgBRSoSvAbE7FSiKGxRvyASRUmC


IP Address:
Shell & VNC: pi/raspberry
Web apps: icc/raspberry
(Usernames and passwords have been left as their defaults.)

Make: Raspberry Pi / Rak-2287
Model: 3 Model B / 1.4



Power consumption: ~5W


Processes and Procedures

The Server is configured to operate perpetually. If its power supply is interrupted it should return to nominal operation once power is restored.

Installation Date


Maintenance Log


Contact Description E-mail Landline Cellphone
Simon Anderson Nerd 021 891 826


The Server is a component of the Telecommunications System. Additionally it interfaces with the Energy System.

Associated Components


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