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Inverter Logbook

DatePerformed ByDescription
2021-01-23 Mark Denize Cleaned inverter with vacuum and brush still very dirty, found fan in the wrong socket mea culpa repositioned tested both fans sped up, reset alarm setting to on, no alarms, all good. Tried to test two pin plug resistance 10.93kohm, none disconnected but very dirty but pins ok, still reads zero degrees C on monitor. Reset battery monitor to 54.4 volts which is the summer float setting which should help it synchronize.
2021-01-23 Mark Denize Left-hand fan replaced and working but fault 01 still occurring and temperature monitoring still not reporting.
2020-07-11 Brian Bell Inverter failed with code “02” (overheat.) Brian spoke with the vendor Steve McMechan who gave him some settings to adjust which resolved the problem. Lowered settings 26,27,29 apparently this needs to be performed seasonally, in May and September.
2019-06-15Robert Anderson Blackout! Battery power too low and Inverter alarmed, wouldn't take input from the Generator. Disconnected the A/C consumption side to allow the Solar Panels to charge the batteries without the household load. Connected the generator directly.
2019-02-24 Robert Anderson Black out! Electricity supply disrupted by the Inverter shutting down with error code 04 Battery voltage low due to Battery over-depletion. Kollers' attempt to recharge the batteries on the 22nd & 23rd thwarted by incorrectly connecting the Generator. Resolved by Robert, connecting the Generator and minimising electricity consumption until the batteries returned to the minimum 70% threshold on the 25th.
2018-06-04 Mark Denize Increased the current from the mains charger to 60A from 30A. Might need to go back to about 40A (2kW)
Connected replacement Victron battery monitor.
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