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Axpert 5kVA Inverter/Charger


The principle task of the Axpert 5 kVA Inverter/Charger is to input 48v Direct Current (DC) energy from the Solar Panels or the Petrol Generator and store that energy in the Batteries or convert the energy into 230v Alternating Current (AC) for output to the Bach and the Lodge.

The Axpert Inverter is a component of the Energy System. It is physically located in the Container.

Make: Axpert (Marketed in NZ as “Hitek”)
Model: 5 kVA Inverter/Charger
Serial number: 92931707102906




Programme Description Umukuri Setting
00 Exit setting modeesc
01 Output source priorityUTI
02 Maximum charging current60
03 AC input voltage rangeAPL
04 Power saving mode enable/disableSDS
05 Battery typeUSE
06 Auto restart when overload occursLTE
07 Auto restart when over temperature occursTTD
09 Output frequency50HZ
11 Maximum utility charging current30A
12 Setting voltage voltage point back to utility source when selecting “SBU” priority in programme 146V
13 Setting voltage point back to battery mode when selecting “SBU priority” in programme 154V
16 Charger source priority:To configure charger source prioritySNU
18 Alarm control6ON
19 Auto return to deefault display screen1-EP
20 Backlight controlLON
22 Beeps while primary source is interruptedAON
23 Overload bypass: When enabled the unit will transfer to line mode if overload occurs in battery modeBYD
25 Record fault codeFEN
26 Bulk charging voltage (C.V voltage)55.6 (Summer) 56.1 (Winter)
27 Floating charge voltage54.4 (Summer) 55.6 (Winter)
29 Low DC cut-off voltage45.2
31 Solar power balance: When enabled solar input power will be automatically adjusted according to connected load powerSBE
32 Bulk charging time (C.V stage)AUT
33 Battery equalisationEd5
34 Battery equalisation voltage58.4
35 Battery equalisation time60
36 Battery equalisation timeout120
37 Equalisation interval30d
38 Allow neutral and grounding of AC output is connected togetherdl5
39 Equalisation activated immediatelyAd5

Processes and Procedures


Settings 26 & 27 need to be altered on the inverter on the first of September and the first of May each year. Turn OFF the Bottom ON/OFF rocker switch to FORCE the settings to save (it should beep for 3 seconds) and that tells you it’s saved, then you can turn it on again and know that any time it the unit had to power down it would re-start with these saved settings back again.

Installation Date


Maintenance Log


Contact Description E-mail Landline Cellphone
Mark Denize Maintenance and support (03) 579 9220 021 469 220
Steve McMechan Hitek systems, supplier 027 4711 771


The Inverter is a component of the Energy System.

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