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Petrol Generator Operation

The Petrol Generator is used to top up the battery bank when the State of Charge (SoC) drops down near 70%, on those rare occasions there isn't enough sunshine to top the batteries up with electricity generated by the solar panels.

  1. The generator produces carbon monoxide which can be dangerous in confined spaces. Ensure adequate ventilation when operating the generator.
  2. Check that the blue electricity lead is securely fastened to the generator and to the white electricity lead connected to the inverter.
  3. Open the cap on the top of the generator and ensure there is enough petrol then secure the cap.
  4. Turn the fuel switch on the side of the generator to the ON position.
  5. Pull out the choke on the side of the generator.
  6. Flick the engine switch to the ON position.
  7. Check to ensure the economy switch is in the OFF position.
  8. Pull the starting rope until the generator kicks over.
  9. Check the green output light is illuminated on the side of the generator.
  10. Push in the choke on the side of the generator after one minute.
  11. To ensure power is being received by the inverter, look at the LCD display panel on the front of it. On the left-hand side, above the solar panel icon a new icon should appear which is a circle with a sideways “S” in the middle of it. If this is not present, check to ensure the electricity leads are properly fastened.
  12. To monitor progress watch the Display Panel in the kitchen. You should see input watts underneath the generator icon and the SoC percentage rise gradually under the battery icon. Note that the input watts from the generator will fluctuate, and drop down as the batteries get fuller. Anecdotally the generator seems to run at about 3kW under 70% SoC, 2kW under 80% SoC and 1kW above 80% SoC.
  13. As household consumption is typically around 10% per day, run the generator until the SoC of the batteries is above 80%.
  14. To turn off the generator flick the engine switch to the OFF position.
  15. Turn the fuel switch to the OFF position.
  16. Stow the generator back in its place, leaving the electricity leads connected.
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