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This page is a place holder, a reminder of the parts of the Wiki yet to be completed and the information required to do so.

  • Specs and photos of toliets/shower/sinks/tub, as part of the sewerage system documentation.
  • Architectural diagrams for the Jetty and who supports it.
  • Trip reports, even a photograph of an entry in the logbook will suffice.
  • Make/model of boat trailer and trailer, and which company supports them
  • Which company supports Quad bike
  • Confirmation of water pipe topology under the Bach, particularly cold and hot water junctions at the bathtub
  • Diagram of Sewerage pipes
  • Determine what the Biolytix telephone connection is for. Is it supposed to phone home and is that what the UTP cable in the Lodge is intended for?
  • Contact details for builder, plumber, electrician, accountant, solicitor..
  • Account details for Beachcomber, Z Energy, Arrow etc. etc.
  • Policies for Umukuri should be defined and documented. (in progress)
  • Procedures -such as for bach startup and shutdown- should be updated, defined and documented.
  • Kayaks makes and models
  • Lodge Switchboard model
  • List of herbs in the herb garden
  • Spare parts
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