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Gas System


The Gas System is perhaps the least of the Umukuri systems, comprising three discrete segments serviced by three separate LPG cylinders:


Processes and Procedures


Contact Description E-mail Landline Cellphone
Z Picton Fuel supplier (03) 520 3000



The Water Heater segment was particularly problematic, as the flow from the Gas Cylinder was barely enough for the Water Heater to operate at nominal temperatures. In the winter it was necessary to fit the cylinder with an electrically-powered Vapour Booster. This issue was resolved (and the vapour booster became superfluous) with the replacement of the cylinder hose fitting.

Diversifying in future to an electric stove and water heating via a combination of an electric hot water cylinder and a wetback would alleviate the logistical headache of shipping heavy LPG cylinders back-and-forth to Picton via the mailboat and introduce some redundancy to Umukuri's heating and cooking options.

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