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If there is a problem with the Energy System it is almost certainly because the battery charge is too low. The Inverter is very intelligent and will attempt to intervene to prevent the Batteries suffering damage by shutting off the household electricity supply, displaying a RED warning/fault LED and complaining by loudly beeping.

If these symptoms occur, here is the recovery procedure:

  1. Relax. You're not going to damage anything and whatever the problem is, it can be solved methodically.
  2. Look at the LCD display on the Inverter. Write down the error code it is reporting. If the icon is flashing it a warning if the icon is steadily on it is a fault.
  3. If the error code is 02 (Low DC Cut off voltage) ensure in summer (September 1st) Inverter settings 26 and 27 are set to 55.6v and 54.4v respectively, and in Winter (May 1st) 56.1v and 55.6v respectively. If you need to adjust these settings on the Inverter you will need to adjust the Battery Monitor to match, in accordance with the Energy System Season Change Procedure.
  4. Look at the Battery Monitor. Write down the Voltage and the State of Charge (SoC) figures it is reporting. The voltage is probably below 46 Volts and the SoC is probably below 45.2%
  5. Look at the Container Switchboard. Write down the Voltage reported by the gauge. It reads 230 Volts when the system is operating normally.
  6. Stop household electricity consumption immediately. On the Container Switchboard flick the BLACK switch on the bottom right to the DOWN position to isolate the energy system from household consumption. This will bring down the WiFi network as well so the Display Panel in the kitchen is no use to you, until the WiFi comes back up when the electricity is restored.
  7. Ensure all of the ORANGE switches on the Container Switchboard remain in the UP position.
  8. Relax. Even though the Inverter is still beeping and may be making disconcerting noises, the problem is no longer getting worse.
  9. Start the Petrol Generator following the Generator Operation procedure. Let it warm up for a few minutes then connect it to the Inverter.
  10. Relax. Even though the Inverter may still be beeping and making clunking noises, you're now supplying energy to rectify the problem.
  11. Look at the LCD display on the Inverter. You should see INPUT from the Petrol Generator. If you don't, check that the three-pin connectors are securely seated into the Petrol Generator and the Inverter sockets.
  12. Look at the Battery Monitor. You should see the Voltage and SoC climb over time. It might take many hours but once the SoC exceeds 80% you've resolved the problem.
  13. Once you've achieved an SoC of 80%, shut off and disconnect the Petrol Generator.
  14. Flick the BLACK switch on the bottom right of the Container Switchboard to the UP position to reconnect the energy system to household consumption. This will also bring the WiFi network back online.
  15. Confirm the gauge on the Container Switchboard is holding steady at 230 Volts.
  16. Look at the Display Panel in the kitchen to continue monitoring the state of the energy system.
  17. Call Simon Anderson or Mark Denize at any time for advice and support.
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