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Boat Operation Procedure

  • Take the boat cover and foam rubber off carefully and store both in the Container.
  • Turn the battery switch to on and leave on whilst operating the boat.
  • The battery charger connection is permanently attached.
  • The key and engine shut-off device are in the Aakron box stored in the Container.
  • Kill Switch: the engine won't start unless the shut-off device is in place.
  • The power tilt of the motor operates even when the key is turned to off and only starts in neutral.
  • Make sure the bung is securely in place before launching.
  • Check the petrol levels and ensure the breather valve is open before launching.
  • When launching/retrieving the boat ensure the Quad Bike is left in neutral as opposed to in reverse and chock the wheels with a large stone.
  • After retrieving the boat attach the earmuffs (stored in the Container) and flush the motor for at least five minutes with the motor running.
  • Wash the Boat, Boat Trailer and Quad Bike with copious amounts of fresh water.
  • Remove the bung, turn the battery off and put the foam rubber and cover back on.


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