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Biolytix Biopod BF6-250P Sewerage Processor


The Biolytix BioPod is a biological waste filtration and fertilisation system. It takes waste input from the bath, shower, toilets and sinks, and outputs processed waste to the lawn via buried drip-line Fertilisation Pipes.

The Biolytix comprises several levels of microbial life for waste processing. To preserve the microbial ecosystem there are Waste Restrictions on the types of matter which can be flushed or sunk.

The Biolytix requires electricity to power an aeration fan inside the processing unit and a fluid pump supplying the drip-line pipes. This electricity is supplied from a dedicated circuit on the Lodge Switchboard. There is an electrical power switch for the Biolytix underneath the Lodge behind a post at the start of the breezeway.

The Biolytix BioPod is a component of the Sewerage System. It is physically located on the lawn, in front of the Bach.

Make: Biolytix BioPod
Model: BF6-250P
Serial number: TBA



Flow Rate: 1600 litres/day
Noise: <40 dB (at 1 metre)
Life Expectancy: 15+ years


Processes and Procedures


Installation Date


Maintenance Log


Contact Description E-mail Landline Cellphone
Kevin Morgan Morgan Plumbing 03 578 0060


The Biolytix is a component of the Sewerage System. Additionally it relies upon electricity from the Energy System.

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Power consumption of the Biolytix pump is an issue, suspected at ~700w for ~30 minutes when pumping fluids. The pump is controlled by a float switch inside the unit and pump efficiency (how hard and for how long it operates) is quite dependent upon the state of the drip lines.

Biolytix recommends that the drip lines are flushed at each yearly service. This is achieved by opening the taps at the end of the drip lines to allow any build-up to escape, and by adding a chlorine solution into the well of the unit to kill off any algae (and the like) living in the drip lines.

There are two other possibilities: (1) introduce a timer the Biolytix electrical circuit to force it to operate during sunshine hours which carries the risk of flooding the unit or (2) adding more drip lines.

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