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Hitek LCS Lead/Carbon Batteries


The eight-unit Battery Bank stores energy supplied through the Inverter from the Solar Panels or the Petrol Generator and is depleted by electricity usage in the Container, Bach and the Lodge. Current capacity is 14.4 kVA.

The Battery Bank is monitored by the Battery Monitor and the Server.

The Battery Bank is a component of the Energy System. It is physically located in the Container.

Make: Hitek
Model: 48v Lead Carbon Super capacitor batteries 300Ah
Serial number: N/A



Total Capacity: 14.4 kVA.

Each battery:
Width: 180mm
Depth: 280mm
Height: 230mm
Weight: 30kg
Optimal Ambient Temperature: 15c - 25c
Life Expectancy: 20 years. (If depletion maintained ≤ 30% of capacity)


Processes and Procedures

Installation Date


Maintenance Log


Contact Description E-mail Landline Cellphone
Mark Denize Maintenance and support (03) 579 9220 021 469 220
Steve McMechan Hitek systems, supplier 027 4711 771


The Battery Bank is a component of the Energy System.

Associated Components


The batteries are the most expensive component of the energy system. They should remain above 70% capacity to extend their operating lifespan.

Here is Depth of Discharge (DOD) cycle count for our Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor (LCS) batteries:

1500 cycles at 100% Discharge capacity
2400 cycles at 80% Discharge capacity
3000 cycles at 60% Discharge capacity
3600 cycles at 50% Discharge capacity

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