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Goodnature A-24 Rat/Stoat Trap & Chirp Attachment


The Goodnature A-24 is a state-of-the-art rat and stoat trap, developed in New Zealand in conjunction with the Department of Conservation to target vermin whilst preserving native NZ animals.

The Goodnature Chirp is an add-on affording the A-24 trap an electronic capability, including Bluetooth communication with an associated mobile App, kill count, positioning and provisioning. Chirp enables Umukuri to share data and coordinate with nationwide pest eradication programmes.

Make: Goodnature
Model: A-24 with Chirp
Trap number: 81273



(c.f. manuals above)


Processes and Procedures

To manage the Goodnature A-24 install the App for Apple Devices or Android devices and e-mail Simon Anderson your username so he can add you to management of trap 81273.

Installation Date


Maintenance Log

N/A (handled by App)


Contact Description E-mail Landline Cellphone
Goodnature Manufacturer (04) 389 1025

Associated Components

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