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3 1/2 months since residents – we found :

 the quad bike wouldn't go into reverse – so couldn't back it up to the mower for the jumper leads to reach!
  the mower's battery dead and 2 left hand tyres flat
  the Aakron front and right hand pontoons flat
   the Puffin 1/2 flat with flattened handles
  the endless line to the anchor in the bay – gone – the rope broken and secured to a bottle buoy in the bay. 
   Two little black piglets playing in the grass.

BUT when we left all was well.

  no evidence of rats or mice – we reset the traps
  solar sitting on 100%
  water running clear and hot
   quad fixed – reverse locking now disabled – with a piece of wire on the lever under back of engine - it can be used OK but beware that it goes straight from N to R
   mowed lawns twice
   caught 2 piglets - ( one ran at Kath – she employed a Grade A squash forehand with a manuka stick and knocked it clean out.. Brian got the other) both dispatched and buried.
  Emptied compost into garden and planted seeds
  lots of blue cod off the jetty
   picked one pear off the William Davies tree, weeded around the 3 avocado trees we trans-planted to the back fence from the herb garden in January - all doing well
   washed and rinsed the solar panels
  pumped up both compartments on the Aakron. Photo below was taken the next morning - front soft and right pontoon deflated
   Brian spent a couple of hours trying to free up the long line, but gave up as twisted around the D shackle. Will need a diver to free it up. Dave later said that a fair bit of the rope was munted and he cut it off
  a lot of pigs around - Trevor shot a big one.

And just FYI..


TONY - rolled quad bike off the track over at Oamaru Bay – helicoptered out to Hospital – 3 broken ribs and a punctured lung. He was back after 3 days … doing well.

TREVOR – desperate to get back from the Gold Coast - after 2 cancelled flights - managed to get on the last one to arrive in WGTN after midnight on lockdown – then Soundsair – and his boat up to East Bay -thas been there since.

DAVE - returning home from sea on the lockdown – quarantined in a hotel in AK… “escaped” with another Skipper – rental car to WGTN – mmm ….how to get to the south Island? MARK Dineeze - to the rescue – he towed Daves boat across the strait!! - to Onepoto beach – gave Dave his boat - no contact - and immediately they both headed back out to sea….fast… thats real social distancing!… some flashing lights and sirens were heard as they headed out past Mana island… another story getting the other Skipper home to Rai Valley.

THE BEEKEEPER – had a barge in our bay – picking up 40 full beehives – managed to entangle his prop on our long line anchor. Dave spent 3 hours in the water cutting it free… which is why we could not find it …. the remains of the rope is coiled and anchored to the water bottle buoy in the bay – a new rope will be needed.

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