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2020-12-10 to 2021-01-06


Robert Anderson, Robyn Anderson, Simon Anderson, Nic Anderson, Jacqui Anderson, Evelyn Anderson.

Robyn and Robert, accompanied by Simon arrived via helicopter on 10 Dec. They were joined by Nic, Jacqui and Evie for 30/31 December and departed via helicopter ‘back fill’ with Bruce and Karin on 6 January 2021.


Mainly fine with just a couple of days of heavy rain, although at times the wind was quite cold.


1. Water system. Worked well. We now have strong pressure. It is essential that on arrival the system is flushed for a period of 8 minutes to expel the sediment that accumulates at the low point in the pipe embedded in the stream. That said, I am confident that a blocked filter is impeding the performance of both showers and suggest that the next time a plumber is in the neighbourhood we engage him / her to check out the situation. The water heater could do with a maintenance check as well.

2. Solar system. Worked well although two weeks into our stay the inverter alarm went off. With a combination of interrogation via Simon’s monitoring system and some calls to Steve (system supplier) and Mark Denize, we diagnosed (and confirmed) that one (of the two) inverter fans had ceased operating. We have arranged for a replacement fan (around $100) to be delivered to Mark for installation by him. (We will need to pay Mark for his time.)

3. Security. We are deeply suspicious that someone tried to enter the bach in our absence. The chairs and net on the back deck had been shifted from where they had been stored. We need to have a chat about installing a security system with the capability of being connected to the internet to enable remote monitoring. Installation of the internet is becoming increasingly justifiable for a variety of reasons. Again, we need a chat.

4. Defibrillator. We have located a defibrillator alongside the medical kit above the refrigerator in the bach. Ideally it should be located so that all residents in the Bay can use it in an emergency. Something to work on.

5. Bach bedroom. We refurbished the room (our preferred bedroom). Hopefully the final product is to the liking of all concerned. A second-hand base (in very good condition) was purchased from a lady in Blenheim for $100. We paid Tony Tristrum $50 for transporting the base from Picton to Umukuri.

6. Kitchen bench / Cabinet. Rodents have destroyed one of the plastic legs, thereby causing the cabinet and stove to slump noticeably. A small block of wood soon fixed the problem.

7. Curtains. Replacement curtains were installed in the bedroom of the annex closest to the bach.

8. Wasp ‘crud’. When washing the windows Robyn discovered that the top channels of all of the aluminium windows were caked with a yellowy powder substance courtesy of the wasps. All were flushed clean.

9. Track. For the 3rd year in a row Simon slashed back the gorse on the track leading to the upper bay. The native bush is now showing signs of taking over.

10. Lawns. In our previous report we mentioned the idea of Dave Cunliffe using his tractor mower to cut back the long grass in preparation for an impending visit by any one of us following a lengthy period of absence. We mentioned that we would ‘conduct an experiment’ on our next visit. A few days prior to our arrival Dave did just that. It took two hours to cut the grass on the track and mow our lawns. (The growth had been phenomenal in the six weeks since our last visit.) The day after our arrival it took just 1.5 hours to mow the lawns with our mower. Dave’s fee for this service is $75 per hour which we paid in cash as a private arrangement.

11. Mower. Simon and I removed the deck form the mower to enable greasing – 5 nipples in total. The oil in the motor needs changing. Unfortunately I don’t think we have enough oil on site. Something to work on.

12. Standard lamps. As agreed prior, two lamps were purchased (around $100 each) and located in the bach lounge.

13. Boat. Locating and ‘plugging’ the air leaks on the r.h.s. pontoon became something of a mission. The good news is that, in my view, the leakage is not ‘fatal’ – I managed to achieve three hours of ‘acceptable’ inflation. Unfortunately when we tried to launch the boat we discovered that the cooling system wasn’t working – probably because the impellers were seized.

14. Plantings. We planted 2 raspberry and 1 grape vine, together with some ‘rescued’ flax plants from the beach. The citrus plants were fertilised and sprayed. (Another spraying is recommended – spray is in the container.) Simon conducted a pH test – 7.1. We bought some lime to increase this to the recommended 8.

15. New neighbour. We met Robbie (?) the new owner of two sections up on the point. He is hopeful of building an initial sleep-out by May of this year. Good guy.

Paradise lost. We need a team talk about the tiny houses and related issues once all families have completed their summer stays. Neville claims that the legal entity that we can negotiate with will be finalised this year. He says that our current right of access and view of the bay should be ‘protected’. He still talks about the idea of a land swap but frankly, that is never going to happen. The people who attended the Hikoi were polite and respectful, but 20+ people living in tents and ‘taking over’ the foreshore and jetty, compared to what we are accustomed to was, ‘awkward’ to say the least. The tiny houses must go – we may yet need legal assistance to achieve that outcome.

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