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2020-10-21 to 2020-10-31


Robert Anderson and Robyn Anderson


Mixed, generally fine.


Robyn and Robert arrived via the mail boat on 21st October and departed on 31st October, 2020. The weather was ‘mixed’ but generally fine. It is noteworthy that the mail boat now travels to East Bay just once per week (Wednesday). In addition, the Picton Fresh Choice Supermarket was reluctant to transport our order to the Beachcomer – citing Covid-19 issues – but in the end acquiesced.

1. Lawns mowed (twice): The left hand foot step has ‘come adrift’ through rusting and accordingly, the seat unit rocks. I will forward a photograph. I don’t think that the problem can be fixed, but I think we can ‘get by’ for now.

David Cunliffe has retired and is now based in East Bay. He enjoys using his tractor mower. The thought occurs that on those occasions when the grass is expected to be ‘rank’ we should engage David to mow the lawns prior to our arrival. I have arranged a ‘test run’ exercise with him to coincide with our next visit to get an idea of the time and costs involved. My thinking is that we use David’s machine to ‘knock the long grass off’ and then use our mower to keep the lawns trimmed whilst someone is in residence. That way, we might be able to ‘nurse’ our mower for a little while yet.

2. Fuel stack: David Cunliffe took an overnight trip to Picton so we took the opportunity to re-fill 2 gas bottles and one petrol canister. Our fuel stock now includes 4 full gas bottles (although the stove bottle is almost empty), almost 3 cans of petrol and 2.75 cans of diesel. This should be able to cover the summer season. NOTE: The credit card at Z Picton rejected our pin number twice so Dave paid for the order ($121.25), and I reimbursed him with cash. (I would appreciate being refunded – will lodge a request.) I tried to sort out the PIN issue when we returned via Picton but in the end gave up.

3. Tiny houses: The smallest of the two buildings definitely straddles our boundary. They are already showing signs of wear – apparently due to a ferocious storm. We took some photographs with each of us standing at the boundary peg at either end. The tow bar on the larger building has been torn off and the porch has collapsed. Refer to a separate message.

4. East Bay clean up: New neighbours Steve and Michelle are organising a Bay clean up – involving a barge, skip bins, etc., to enable the dumping of all manner of general rubbish, including old vehicles, gas bottles, batteries – you name it. They asked if we would be interested in participating and following consultation with B & B we have agreed to do so. Queen’s birthday w/e has been mentioned.

5. Aakron boat: We tried applying the Sugru product, but since we were using material that was over a year out-of-date, we had to give up. We are confident that the problem can be fixed.

6. Boat storage: We cleaned out the area immediately behind the old truck to take advantage of the bush overhang to shade the Aakron boat to shield the sunlight – should work. We cleared out an area of Kawa kawa to make way for storing the Puffin inside the bush at the back. The puffin now rests on the SS Umukuri platform and is covered with the old cover for the Aakron.

7. Floor painting: Following on from Brian and Kath’s lead by painting the floor of the former porch area in the Bach, Robyn re-painted (brown) the floor area covered by the kitchen, laundry and Bach bathroom. (Thanks for your agreement to do this, and also, to paint the floor of the Bach bedroom with a lighter colour.)

8. Bed base: David and Sarah-Jane offered us an old queen-size bed base, and while it is a bit ‘tatty’ it makes for a satisfactory base in place of that which collapsed in the Bach bedroom. It will be okay for now.

9. Solar system: For a couple of days after arrival we couldn’t understand why the battery state of charge wouldn’t rise above 90%. After some forensic work using Simon’s energy monitoring system, together with a couple of calls to Mark Denize, we worked out that the Monitor and Inverter were out of ‘sync’. It turns out that when we change the seasonal settings on the Inverter we also need to synchronise the Monitor (simply by pressing the minus and plus keys on the monitor dial simultaneously for 3 seconds). Problem sorted!

10. Rat trap: We set the trap in the wooden box 3 times and although the food was stolen the trap failed to go off. I suggest we obtain a replacement trap.

11. Water system: A lengthy (5 – 8 mins) flush on arrival remains essential.

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