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2020-01-18 to 2020-02-01


Brian Bell, Kath Bell, Jock Struthers, Jill Struthers, David Drake, Margaret Drake




Kath and Brian 2 weeks, David & Margaret Drake for 4 days.

The predominant weather feature was FOG. either there in the morning - lifted by midday or rolled in about 4pm - strange - even Trevor said.

It was deflating to arrive to a deflated Aakron, but Brian found the leak and patched sufficiently for fishing trips - but not completely - it still needs pumping.

We trimmed the tracks transplanted the avocados, mowed the lawns 2x, and set numerous traps, and painted the outside chairs.

There was a RAT nest in the container !!?? Brian cleaned out and set baits.

We swam every day - often twice

We walked “Brians track” and up to the transmitter.

Ate beans and rhubarb!

Spent some time with Trevor here and there. He gave us a box of books to add to our library… and some yummy manuka honey.

A very relaxing couple of weeks.

Visitors: 5 geese, 6 ducks, a swan, oyster catchers, tuis, pigeons, bellbirds, weka of course, rats and a stoat, herons and gannets … and Jock and Jill Struthers.

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