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2020-01-04 to 2020-01-18


Bruce Koller, Karin Koller




Bruce and Karin helicoptered in on the 4th Jan and Robert Robyn and Simon out and that works well for all we think. We choppered out 4pm the 18th which gave us an hour with Brian and Kath ( who came up on the mail boat ) which also worked well!

Did the normal things and the wind blew a lot and I only had the boat in the water for fishing 5 times which is not usual for me. Fishing was ok though ; but on the last day we had the boat all ready for Brian and Kath only to find the starboard pontoon totally deflated at 5pm. Bugger!! Spent the next few hours looking for the leak, but had to leave a very sad looking Aakron for them. Brian found the major leak which was in the seals at the back and they were able to patch and he has sent an excellent summary on the issues. I have talked with Aakron he says the seals will go 6 to 10 years ; and I will have another assessment when next down. If we have to replace the pontoons at some stage they can do that , but Naiad are in Picton so will make more sense to use them; when the time comes.

Sprayed the gorse on the track and I am confident that we have got that really under control now; and thanks again to the Andersons for cutting it well back 2 years ago.

The rats nest that Brian found on the top shelf of the container is a real issue as we know how they can chew things electrical and we have a lot of that now with solar in the container. If you read the instructions on the container it say the baits have a hole in the middle so the rats can carry it away, and eat and die, and if you replace one a day until that stops ; you have killed that group. I suggest in the future that we set baits on the first shelf ( out of the reach of weka, dog and kids ) and maybe leave the top off the rat poison when we leave. With the door open most of the summer we are not going to stop them getting in.

Solar is great now we know better how to use it and the monitoring system is great now thanks Simon with the bigger screen etc. Well done, and one checks all the time we found.

The bach is every year more comfortable which is accredit to all so thanks to all.

Cheers, Bruce and Karin.

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