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2019-08-26 to 2019-08-30


Bruce Koller and Brian Mackie


5 sunny days.


Bruce and Brian Mackie spent 5 sunny days from the 26th August at Umukuri , and your updated schedules worked well thanks Simon.

The water went black before running clean, and the water pressure was excellent throughout. The shower was commented on as being the best in the Sounds.

The solar was 100% battery before turning the house on, so the system we now have is a sensible system and I turned the house off as leaving. We got down to 86% each night and two morning around 9 am we had the alarm going and light flashing ( and 04 up) which caused a bit of consternation as the battery was 86% and sun shining. Ignored it and eventually it returned to normal; so like the water it seems we are still learning here!

The weka shit was so thick on the lodge entry it took an hour to clean; so now have a net up here as well. This is where we play darts Brian so shifted the backboard from where you had it screwed to the wall as we play darts when the weather is crap; and can now be back as in the attached photo.

The mower had a back left tyre flat and the battery flat; so had to extract with the quad bike before jump starting with the quad bike. The grass was ok length to cut, and put the battery on the charger and now fully charged , for December Brian. I think we should get a can of the puncture repair foam you spray into the tyre for December as well mate.

Replaces the oar on Aakron boat and we needed to have a bit of air out of the pontoon etc but think we may have that sorted now ; but time will tell! Best we can do anyway and one of those jobs where several hands needed. The knot on the continuous mooring was out in the sea, and we could only move it say 10m either way and didn’t want to force it if out on the other shackle] anchor. We used Aakron to lift both ropes and they were twisted together several times half way out; so once again I ask, please leave the knot where it should be every time you use the mooring. Very frustrating.

We didn’t use the new boat but looks fine and will need a cover for the uv light .

No mice inside so well done there and it was a pleasure to stay at Umukuri with a mate for a few says in winter and the fishing was ok as well.

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