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2019-04-13 to 2019-04-27


Brian, Kath, David Drake, ?


Not much sun.


We had a great family time in spite of 5 days with no sun. No sun over the winter season creates issues (see below). We used about 20 litres of petrol for the generator keeping the batteries above 70%. When the sun did shine we easily got the batteries back to 100% during the day. The generator is now full and there is a ¼ can left. Both quad bike and boat have about ½ a tank.

We called in on Steve and Michelle (in Peter’s woolshed house) and had a good chat – very nice people from Porter’s Pass. They are making significant modifications to the house and have nearly all the outstanding Consent issues sorted.

There is a bit of bad blood remaining after Trevor potting Peter’s digger work that muddied up the bay. Dave is of the view that Peter needs to change his ways. It is twice now that his work has polluted the Bay – times have changed and it can’t be allowed to happen again.

Section immediately behind the bach. Dave told us that Peter intends taking this for himself. Peter has mowed the section and planted shrubs right along the track border. It is not clear whether he intends building, either a shed for the bull dozer and digger and/or a house.

Some general social comments on our latest time at the bach are in the trip book. Here are some work/upkeep details:

Back washed water pipes with 3 minutes of black mud before clearing and cleaned filters, which were clogged with mud. David Lewes vortex suggestion may be worth a try to minimise mud coming down the line. It will require emptying the header tank though.

Set up new Weber and it works well on top of the old BBQ. The Weber is easily able to be lifted by one person and is now inside the bach. We should consider removing the old BBQ from its trolley to create a new somewhat lower platform.

Rollers on the Aakron trailer lifted so she now rolls easily off the trailer (webbing on the aft seat finally gave way on one side – as with the front seat the webbing has not lasted, also the glue has let go in some places e.g. bow roller and fixing for the oars - a design fault in both cases)

Shelf in the south bedroom repositioned so that the light now shines appropriately for reading in bed

Installed a more permanent back board for darts

Spider webs dealt to around the bach. At home we use Kiwicare ‘No Spiders’, which I spray on the broom head when sweeping away webs (works for up to 6 months). Worth considering for the bach as it is a tedious chore

Topped Kowhai trees nearest the heli pad – now below the grass seed head line. Dai is happy with the current situation, no urgency about doing anything.

Cut back growth around the house and view to the jetty

David Drake cut 3-4 banana boxes of kindling

Solar inverter had to be rebooted after battery low voltage fault. Note that Mark informed me (contrary to note in the trip book) that the correct procedure is:

  1. Turn off inverter rocker switch underneath the inverter
  2. Turn off the black battery breaker switches (no mention of the green PV breakers)
  3. Wait 2 minutes
  4. Turn on the black breaker switches
  5. Turn on the inverter rocker
  6. Wait for the reboot

Fuel issues. None of the water taxis are now able to carry unaccompanied petrol and gas cylinders (empty or full) due to a change in the regulations. Beachcomber will not carry fuel even when with passengers, Arrow will but max of 2 petrol and 1 gas cylinder per boat. As a result we have taken 2 empty petrol and 1 empty gas cylinder with us and will refill and take with us when we next go to the bach.

Main house toilet. We found that the leaking toilet meant that the Biolytic pump was kept going getting rid of the water and was a major source of power consumption. When we tried to isolate the cistern it became clear that the tap washer was stuffed as well as the large washer under the central unit under the ball cock. This toilet is now out of commission (with the ball cock tied up to stop the water flowing) until both washers are fixed – a simple tap washer and probably a new Dux unit as well (photos will follow).

Kath’s update from inside:

Mice. we caught 2 inside, and a rat outside, we took 3 new traps and all are set… BUT mice are definitely inside - the chest of drawers with the teatowels and table cloths etc was full of droppings - and the 2 plastic table cloths were eaten - i did not throw them out but cleaned and left for you to decide - maybe you could cut smaller cloths from them….. big holes in the middle!

The Lewes family have donated a Easiyo yoghurt maker - and 2 containers - you need to take the sachets plain or flavoured from the supermarket. Works well.

The wood fire is great - warms the house - and we boiled the kettle, cooked potatoes, rice, fish and rhubarb with ease. David Drake cut several boxes of kindling.

We need for communal use:

  1. a new hearth brush and shovel (perhaps 2 - one for the sleep out)
  2. Dish wash liquid
  3. Toilet Cleaner
  4. Toilet paper
  5. Cooking oil
  6. Paper towels
  7. Cerebos iodised salt - 700g container
  8. Pack of Weber foil drip trays - 15 x 22mm

Fridge. beware of the “Power freeze” button on the door - easy to turn on - but takes lots of power.

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